Public Art Project
Foro Sol, Mexico City
Installation 25 x 6 x 6m2
Photos: 120m x 80cm and 60m x 40cm

The Kissadrome was a public toy for a rock concert. Couples would stand on either side of a platform supported by a pivot point, like a giant seesaw, and try to find the point of balance so that they could kiss in the middle.

"And the sky was blue on the first rapture. The Kissadrome is where love performs all its efforts to reach the gesture of undivided peace and complete union. This is what kisses seal. Therefore, we should forget conventions other than ourselves and replace the memory of what we have wasted with the logic of completeness. Love is a practice with the risk of falling, it demands intelligence and subtlety to create a moment —voluptuous and unique— of vulnerable balance. We should also forget drama: neither the principle of action nor submission, the amorous duel is complicit to calculate overweight, getting rid of the old, and reaching its confirmation."

Martí Peran
ximena labra
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