Foro Sol, Mexico City
Dimensions 250m2
2300 pieces of cloth
Thousands of meters of steel wire

Tlaloc was an installation in a baseball stadium next to the Mictlan project. Pieces of cloth form the sacred face of Tlaloc, the ancient god of water in every form. His face, moved by the wind, is composed of grains of corn and drops of rain. He is the symbol of life and rebirth. It is said that all those whose death is related to water are reborn in his paradise called Tlalocan. He is accurately depicted in the ancient style of the sacred city of Teotihuacan, a city circa 100 B.C. where the gods are born. When brought into our daily life, Tlaloc becomes pixels in our mind screen and this ancient and modern image of him is like a space invader from the classic video game. Tlaloc, like all true gods, is beyond space and time.
ximena labra Tlaloc-space invader
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