December 2012 – August 2013

Public Art Project

Denver International Airport

10 square miles

To those who go is a public art project for and about those who travel—not only in
space and time, but also in their minds. This ten-square mile public art project was created at the Denver InternationalAirport. Quotations about travel were selected, printed in vinyl, and displayed in every concourse of the airport. In addition, a selection of related books was gathered and made available for visitors to download using the free airport wifi. The project was produced inside an airport booth in Terminal 5. Our team, a few tables, and a vinyl cutter were installed so viewers could walk into this space and see the process.

The quotations were from both anonymous and well-known authors. Many of them indeed traveled through space and time, such as Ibn Battuta or Alexander von Humboldt; but others traveled in their imagination, like Jules Verne or Lucian of Samostata; or made discoveries that reached beyond Earth such as Isaac Newton, Abhinavagupta, Walt Whitman, or Jetsun Milarepa.

Those that travel are willing to go beyond their usual surroundings. They are seekers, therefore they find. It is the will to discover that compels human beings to find out who we are and what the universe is made of.

This project is about people who went and saw—the ones that have gone further and shared their discoveries, their dreams, and their revelations. It is for those who are going now to find, to see, to do, and to know what they are. The piece was on display from December 2012 to August 2013. Everyday over 145,000 people visit the Denver International Airport. In the first six months, around 25 million people saw To those who go or a part of it.
Tho se who go 6:20 Ximena Labra
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